Role Of A Tutor, Student and Parents

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Parents of Students believes that when they hired a tutor or a teacher for their Children Studies, then it is Understood by them(Parents) that it is the sole duty of the tutor only to keep their wards in the practice of their study work but in reality it is not true.

In reality to be succeed in Education system both the parents and Students along with the tutor has to work hard. So tutor can’t be blamed for the failure of students in getting required marks or progress in the Learning process of their wards.
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Parents and tutor has to discuss about the progress of the child regularly for the progress of student or Learner.

Learner or student should also aware about his/her goal in life so that he/ she can achieve it in due course of his/her life.
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Every parent only wants success of their ward but no one care about the emotions and problems which are faced by a student.

So it is necessary for the parents to talk calmly and listen well about the thoughts and worries of their child. If child is not progressing according to goal it means that some points are missing and need to be corrected to complete the goal on time.

Students on Failure in 10th or 12 th class start losing their interest in studies and they starting feeling different from any other successful students which can be his/her classmates, relatives child or cousins.

Student become depressed after his/her failure and then he/she can’t take another step in his/her life.

Solution:- Students can appear for improvement in the board xam again so that he/she may come out from depression or failure.
Every board for ex CBSE Board, NIOS Etc provide a provision for students to reappear again as private candidate to correct their mistake which they have made earlier like a option to “Rewind” all the mistakes and to seek in the PAST TO change the Fate once again to recover the Upcoming Life to a better pathway.

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Behind a successful student there is a best teacher and his/her loving parents who have hired a best teacher for him/her.

As we believe at Inventips that “Education is a way to Success to achieve any Goal of life”. As Inventips also feels the same about himself.

We as a student always need to find a way out of problems so that we can think properly for our goals.

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Life is full of problems and questions we need to find out. For that we need to know How to Learn!! How we can go on to a better way which lead to success.

1) In Short role of student is to work hard towards his/her goal without any hesitation and as a student always remember to learn new things rather to find only the benefit or advantage.

** It should also remember that a person who never fails has never tried to learn anything new.
*** A Learner can never find himself / herself as fail because he/she even tried and show dare when he/she knew that he/she can fail in the activity or experiment he/she is performing but atleast he/she tried rather than to quite it due to some idiot people and relatives.

2) Role of parents is to moralise or channelise their wards in case of failure in learning process. They should always remember that their child is best and he/she tried his/her best in every way and it was the first step in process of learning.

3) Role of tutor is to provide quality Education to the Learner by providing notes, Stories, Case studies, motivation, way of learning, basic concepts, basic structure, need of subject to be learnt and use it in future for developing himself / herself softskill for earning his/her livelihood or to earn daily Bread & Butter

***Sometimes Tutors earn less but still they are providing quality Education to students as they are teachers and they need to fulfill their Ethical & Moral Duty toward The Faith of Students & Parents & as well in developing the nation.

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