My Aim As Pharmacist & Conditions of Animals In China

I have many Aims or u can say goals. But being as a Pharmacist I want to develop a system where we can have medicines for every disease and medicines should be affordable & Can be able to provide a permanent solution to the Patient so that he/she can recover from his/her disease for forever and gives us blessings & as well as Money or u can say ROKDA Or CA$H. THAT was a funny thing which I introduced. As After independence of our country we haven’t the medicines for many chronic diseases such Like Cervical, Migraine, Cancer, Kidney& Gall bladder Stone, Treatment of Eyes for Eyesight & Blindness, Paralysis etc.
I hope u r aware of our plans if I forget to mention some disease u can comment the names in Comment Box.
Even I will show u some videos of China to show u how the Corona virus has affected the animals there and how Chinese r getting rid of them (Animals).

Some Videos…

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