Dignity of women in Society & Role of Men

According to Inventips World is made up of  both Male & Female Human but Still there r difference in their state in Society. Actually here we r referring that Female Find it difficult to live in our society due to some reasons and she also want change in her state. So this Topic is On “Dignity of women in Society & Role of Men”

Today we r facing many problems in our Society which r Poverty, Unemployment, Crimes, Inflation but the decrease in Dignity of Women in our Society is a very serious problem for our society as well as for our Developing Nation INDIA. So for Preserving the dignity of women, men also have to play role to protect women, to respect her and provide all rights which constitution of INDIA Has provided to all of his/her Citizens so that they can develop themselves and can also develop their loving country INDIA.

This topic is a very hot as no one want to touch it and I am writing on it as I wrote the essay for one of my student “HARSHIT”. From where it struck to my mind that I should write on it to create a Balance of right Thoughts processes among male & female in Society.
As men is always understood as the dominant person or foremost in the society but he should not forget that from where he has come from!! It is his mother from he has come from and his mother is also a woman, also his sister, grandmother, wife are also women. His sister, grandmother, wife and his mother play each and every role in his(Male) Life.
His wife is someone’s daughter or sister so he must secure the dignity of wife.
Even he should not engaged in anti social activities as it is a wrong path and he might not follow that path & Shouldn’t accompany the bad guys.
He should also not engage in stalking and use of Abusive language with any of girl. He should know & Aware that same thing can be happen to his own sister also. So he should aware that he also has a sister at home.
Man enjoys all his rights which are right to education, right to freedom etc but when it comes to girls or women then he start telling them they should use to hide in their homes, they shouldn’t go to college or schools to study and even they can’t go out at night only due to some anti social elements living in our society which r criminal minded and they r in activities which humiliates the humanity or u can murdered the humanity & Soul of the woman from inside & victim becomes a live dead body only which have no dreams, no hope 4 life and she wants nothing to do. These all happens due to some Criminals which needed to be punished by hanging at “chowraha” (the word in Hindi meaning Intersection of 4 roads in English) and a Provision should also given to Victim or the parents of victim to Shot down the Criminal at a Public Place (According to me but after proving him the real Culprit by the Court) So that such incidents can’t be Revised or u can say rewind in future and Male Human Change his Mindset towards the Female Human.

There are also some following activities or Taboos which humiliates the dignity of Women in Society which need to be eradicate.
1) Dowry System
2) Harrasment at Work Place
3) Violence @ Home
4) Rapes
5) Stalking
6) Snatching of Chains or Jewellery
     @nd many more….

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