Delay in Govt Services

Today Its comes in Mind Of Inventips that we should write on “Delay in Govt Services”
Well, Today is Shivratri & I am writing this @rticle while standing in a queue @ SDM Office Sec – 9 Dwarka for Income Certificate Verification and it comes to my mind that Govt Services took time but today is Shivratri So There is Less Crowd in SDM Office.

People waiting in Queue 

We all know & aware that Govt provide us their Services after a long span of time even the basic one. But it might not be fault of Govt or only the one person as we know Govt is made up from the Combination or committee of other members which Uphold the responsibility of a particular area that come under them. So each and every system of Govt is divided in their Subdivision so that Govt Body can work effectively, efficiently to provide their quality service to ordinary man or Public who had Voted the Governing or Ruling Party.
So as we know that India comes at 2nd No. In Population so reality is that we have a high population to serve our services if we imagine us as Govt. But some other ways must be find out to short out this problem.

Actually Population is the Main problem of any Country which is in huge Ratio or Numbers and still we have limited sources to serve.
I know that Even a Govt ambulance service is quite late if we compare it to Domino’s or Pizza hut delivery services. Now u will say that Domino’s and Pizza hut are MNC’s and those are Private Companies while Govt is Govt & Even the Govt employee is not taking any responsibility and burden to serve as he/she getting his/her Salary on time. So why he/she will think out of Box!! Even he/she doesn’t care of it.

IF we compare the above situation b/w Private & Govt Employee we will definitely find that A Private Employee can be Fired by Private Company at any moment if Company found that He/She is not insuring the Customer Care & not providing quality Service to Customers. Private Companies has established many of Call Centres and even they have a Feed back system in the Country so that Customers can provide Feedback & register their Complaints & Grievances to the Company & Company can found his own Position and can Update his services but A Govt Body or sector hasn’t any system of such Kind and even they are not taking any Feedback from the Public and Even they are not firing any Govt employee who is not working properly.

It is declared that Public can use the above No. 1076 to avail Govt Services. 

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