Traditional VS Modern Job Types..

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In today’s world everyone has to earn his Livelihood and to fulfill his demands & needs so he has to work. Work is of different different types whether it may a technical or non technical job.
In older or ancient time people are engaged in Agriculture Field & they used to sow different types of crops in field by help of their domestic animals like Ox & they also used camels & horses to travel from one place 2 other. That time technology was limited & people are very simple & hardworking and help each other & live together with peace & also there were no hard & fast rules as we face today. Life was very slow at that time but technology made the life very fast and also people were healthy @ that time as compared to today’s world and deadly disease like Cancer, Heart attack were not exist. People were also having lifespan of 100 years. But today it became quite tough for human to achieve age of 50 years.
So all this happened due to Lifestyle. Lifestyle changes due to job types, environment, Locality, standards of living etc.
Some food also called fast food are sold by some wicked person as they are providing worst quality in their food & also China has introduced Momos, Chowmwin Etc in India which are Harmful to Human Life and Contains MSG (Monosodium glutamate).
Now we will see two classes 
@) Traditional Jobs
B) Modern Jobs
Traditional Jobs are following
1) Teaching
2) Confectionery Stores or Purchoon Stores
3) Stationary & Gifts
5) Healthcare Services
6) Saloons & Beauty Parlours
7) Tailoring
 And Many More….
Actually Traditional Jobs take time to make money but they exist in reality and Quarrantee of Payments.

Modern Jobs are jobs which need a system to Earn Money and hard work & Skill is needed.
Modern Jobs are following
1) Insurance Agents
2) Web designer & Logo Maker
3) Advertisers
4) Property Dealers or Brokers
5) Share Market
6) Digital Marketing
7) Data Entry
8) Water Supplier
And Many More….

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