Infinite 2 Zero

Today is Thursday and I’m in huge stress today and find everything to an end that is u can say that Mindset turns from Positive to Negative & We are finding nothing to do with & again we are at same place from we had started and we are thinking that why all things had happened instead we know all things or reality and even we are having depth knowledge of human behaviour. We are at infinite level from where no one can defeat us and only we can do the same.
Actually all things had happened because we lost our mindset and ethics and even the Principles and also we are not able to correlate and unable to connect the things.
One more thing is that we had stopped believing in ourself and even on plans & Ideas. That’s why all things had happened.
Now to tell myself I’m writing blog for ownself so that we can able to find us again.

Actually we lost our self because we are not following our Ethics and Principles, Not interacting to people and a Rhythm was not there as in Music.
But we hope we could able to overcome and will start learning from people but only positive things…. Not the negative ones. 

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