Turning Point Of My Life @nd Ethics..

Today Iam writing this blog or you can say that today something has happened that create a hope inside me once again and can lead to that infinite energy or source. In actual way our problems, our Ethics, our moral values and our Knowledge is that part along with the experience we gain from the people living in our society and those people are living or live examples for us and provide us a case study and experience for our future purpose.

And as I believe that a ordinary or common people, even I when I was not at infinite level with little energy found it is very difficult to find out the truth of human life and even its hard to know about Humanity.

IF we met a person whom has helped us in our Hard or difficult time, we feel very nice and only nice thought comes in our mind about that person. But if the same person commit a mistake accidently or even Knowingly, we then tried to understand  that person Our “Enemy” or Foe. As it is a human behaviour.
We should always understand and make our mind that life is limited and you will not to be going to live forever. As a human we should help others and should treat as like the behaviour we want from others for us. God gives us problems to solve that riddle to unlock the key of success or Enlightment about World. By using this infinite power, no one can ever defeat us and even no one can imagine and understand our powers and strength. Other person can understand our strategies and our skill and even our problem solving capacity but can never fight with us.
Person at infinite state has nothing to quarrel with, even he doesn’t believe in anger, greed, etc. One thing that person do is to understand other person mindset and behaviour.

Actually I’m telling myself because I’m in that feeling now and if myself I forget to retrieve that energy then information given here will be valuable at that time for me.
Now I want to say myself following things

  1. Only in case of problems and stress this energy can only be obtained and one more thing is that one can get it in case of continuation of a work which is his dream or Aim. 
  2. Only your Ethics and principles can save you from all future troubles and you must a truth seeker. You can become a truth seeker if you have ability to see the the possibilities even in case of failure and stress or problems. 
  3. Respect your parents and teachers because they had work on you and invest their time and money on you, Even they are with you at time of trouble, They provide us support and education to us for our Lifespan so that we can earn our bread And butter. They give us experience and their valuable teachings to us, They already had explored that way or path on which we are and they are preet much aware that where are potholes and thrones on our Path. So we should always listen to them. I know that it is tough to follow your parents and teachers teachings but it everytime works and Even in beginning I used to disobey my Parent due to som mistakes but later on I come to know that my parents and teachers are with me all time and if thay are saying omething then it might be some reason behind it. but you strictly follow that way and never ever argue with your Beloved parents and teachers. 
  4. All your ethics and principles and even your teachings must be valid every where and should be error free and should not cause any trouble and stress to other people. 
  5. We are living in Ecosystem and should be loyal to everyone without having any trouble causing mindset for others. You should lways think for others and about your family and country. So that some progress can occur in Society. 
  6. Man always invent or observe things of hi own dream and imagination or behaviour. 
  7. Try see your fault rather than to blame others. also there is a story associated with this that….

ONCE UPON A TIME WHEN HUMAN WAS VERY SAD IN BEGINNING OF WORLD FORMATION SO He asked the God for its solution. Then God replied to human that Iam giving you to Two Bags A and B. A Bag contains the faults and behaviour of your Neighbour and Bag B contains the Faults and behaviour of yourself. “For always being happy and Joyfu andl you must always see the bag B which actually belongs to you and you should try to change each and everytime and to make yourself faultless but Always remember not to open the bag A which contains Evils  and bad thought processes of your neighbour. In last God also recommend that Heto us will provide support to us. God advised the man to keep both bags on his shoulders and while walking he might be able to check his fault time to time and to upgrade itself but mistakenly he observed the Bag A instead of Bag B.

To be continued… Visit after sometime

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