Courses After 12 For Having great Job & Career

Hello to all Good morning to all our viewers and subscribers on Inventips. Our today is blog is about different different courses around us which we are not aware. We also had post some of related videos on Inventips which is our official YouTube Channel. But still we are providing you the information or you can say Awareness so that you guys would be able to have great Job and carrier after passing 12 class.
So according to Streams we are providing you knowledge and also giving you the current reality of situation. No course is bad and each course require a skill and ability.

At present time Paramedical courses are in demand, Even you can say them the Job oriented course to earn your Livelihood. So  Let’s begins….

For Science Stream Students

  1. Engineering – Its a misconception that there is no Scope but i confirms that there is scope as I Met several Engineers in Country.
  2. Pharmacy Person can become a Pharmacist and Researcher and a developer of drug and also can setup his own Business as Entrepreneur. 
  3. Lab technician – Person can become a Lab technician to perform several lab tests and can work in Hospitals and can have own lab either on franchisee or either with a Pathologist doctor in Partnership. 
  4. Nursing – Person can become a male or female nurse in a hospital and a clinic and serve the patients in their illness and can earn well. Even you can provide Day care to patient to earn Xtra as part time. 
  5. O. T technician (Operation theatre) – Person can become a operation theatre technician and work in a operation theatre with a doctor and can help in several operations as whether its a stitching task or other instrumental task. Can also work in Clinics. 
  6. Radio Technician – Person can do this Course to become a radio technician and Can work with or on X rays, Ultrasounds,  M.R.I and C.T scans and can work in any Hospital or clinic. 
  7. Dialysis Technician – As kidney patients are increasing in country so person can also have this Course to treat those peoples(patients) from their disease. You can work in hospital and clinic
  8. Perfusionist- Person work on perfusion of drugs which are required to perused in blood either its Heart drugs or other in Presence of a Qualified doctor. 
  9. Nutrionist- This ia also in demand these days and You can work in hospital, clinics and even in Health care Companies to provide Information regarding to nutrition to Patient and make patient aware about their disease like Diabetes which can be treated or control by diet and medicines only. 
  10. Optmerist Or Optician – which Looks or care about Eye Glasses And check the eyes power of accommodation and prescribe us a Number to that Eye and design a eye glass or lens for us. That person can work in hospital or clinic and can also have his own shop. 
  11. I. T. I – Person can have this Course if he want to earn or to start as Entrepreneur and can run his own business and can work in a factory as per related to his trade. He chosen. 
  12. Physiotherapist – Person can become a Physiotherapist and can earn by working in a hospital or clinic and can run his own business and even he work as Doctor in this field and provide exercise to patients. Science Stream is required. 
  13. Occupational therapist – Person can become  like doctor in this field and he has to rehabilitate the patient from the disease by exercising like a physiotherapist and changing his lifestyle.
  14. Librarian – person can become librarian and has to work in library. Science Stream may be required and I’m not sure about this. 

And many more…..

For Commerce Stream

  1. CA- Person can become  master in accounting, Audits and  perform financial findings for a companyMm or organisation. 
  2. Company Secretariat – person can become company secretariat and perform task of a company secretary. 
  3. Management courses – Person can avail management courses like BBA, MBA to run a company management smoothly and efficiently. 
  4. Hospital management – Person can do this  Course to become a shef or cook at a hospital, Hotel, Railways etc. 
  5. Cabin crew and Ground staff work at any airport. My brother is doing the course from Frankfin for Cabin Crew to earn a handsome salary. 
  6. Accountant – Person having any interest in accounting work can persue any diploma course in accountancy. 

And Many more Like B. Com….

For Arts Stream

  1. Lawyer – person can do this Course After cracking CLAT exam.
  2. Teacher Person can become teacher after doing D. Ed, B. Ed. 
  3. Teacher (Special)- Person can do Special B. Ed to teach special Children. 
And Many more….. 
For Vocational Stream

  1. Typewritist – Person can become Typewritist at any office, Company. 
  2. Stenographer – Person can get Job at News and Newspaper Agency. 
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