Cloud Storage : Need of Today’s Digital World

Cloud Storage : Need of Today’s Digital World

Hi Good morning to all today Iam with a digital information about cloud storage. Nowadays it becomes a need to save all data like Important Docs like Adhar, Pan card etc on cloud storage so that we can access such docs whenever we want anywhere by simply login to cloud storage and use them by printing, sending to anyone.

There are some following Options which you guys can use to store your data online and can access anywhere.

1) Google Drive

  • Google’s popular Drive app provides 15GB of free online storage to anyone with a Google account and includes anything stored in Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos. 
  • Users can increase the capacity to 100GB for £1.59 a month, 1TB for £7.99 per month or to 10TB for £79.99 per month.

2) Box

  • Box offers a 10GB free storage allowance for users with a personal account, however each individual file uploaded must be smaller than 250MB.
  • The Personal Pro plan ups the storage limit to 100GB and the file upload limit to 5GB, for the price of £8 per month. Box is also available in three business plans, with prices starting at £4 per user per month

3) Dropbox

  • Popular cloud storage solution Dropbox has a free Basic account option which comes with just 2GB of storage space. You can top this limit up by referring family and friends to Dropbox, completing your user profile or following the company on Twitter. 
  •  For £7.99 per month you can buy a Dropbox Plus subscription that boosts the storage space to 2TB, or £16.58 a month for Professional, which comes with 3TBs of storage. For groups of users and organisations, Dropbox Business offers more capacity and features, at prices starting at £10 per user per month.

4) Microsoft OneDrive

  • Microsoft offers 5GB of free storage for users of its OneDrive product, which comes with most Office software or subscriptions. Users can store any file type in OneDrive but it is naturally well suited to Office documents, especially when it comes to real-time collaboration.
  • For further functionality and increased storage users can buy the Office 365 Home with Premium OneDrive Features package for £79.99 per year, or Office 365 Personal with Premium OneDrive Features for £59.99 per year.

5) Apple iCloud

  • Apple’s iCloud, which comes with any Apple ID account, has a pretty stingy free allowance of 5GB of storage.Users can access their files from a browser by logging into their iCloud account or on any Apple device.
  • You can increase the storage capacity to 50GB for £0.79 per month, to 200GB for £2.49 per month, and to 2TB for £6.99 per month.

6) Amazon Drive

  • Cloud computing giant Amazon also offers 5GB of free storage with its Drive product for Amazon account holders. Users can store a whole range of files using the desktop or mobile Drive app and using their Amazon login.
  • You can then pay £10.99 per year for 100GB, £59.99 for 1TB, all the way up to 30 TB for an additional £79.99 per TB.

7) pCloud

  • pCloud is a cloud file storage platform that offers a fairly generous 10GB free storage when you sign up.
  •  You can also easily upgrade to a plan offering a vast 500GB of storage for a one-off payment of £175 or 2TB of storage for £350 (subscription plans are also available, but obviously you end up spending more).

8) Mega

  • Mega is a paid-for cloud storage solution that boasts a substantial free offering too: 50GB to be precise. Its super simple drag and drop interface is available through the platform’s mobile app, where you can upload photos and files.
  • The next tier up is a meaty 400GB of storage for around £4.25 per month.

9) MediaFire

  • Texan company MediaFire provides a simple cloud storage solution that can be used through a web or mobile app. It offers 10GB of free storage and up to 4GB per file for the ad-supported version, or up to 50GB with ‘bonuses’.
  • You can upgrade to 1TB of storage with a Pro plan too, which costs $3.75 (£2.63) a month, or a business plan with up to 100TB of space for $40 (£20.08) a month.

10) HiDrive

  • HiDrive is a German cloud storage solution that has been around since 2010.Offering users a standard 5GB of free storage, all of that data will be stored on an ISO 27001 certified data centres in Germany to ensure high levels of security management.
  • HiDrive also offer a paid monthly subscription service for those who need more storage. £6.90 a month will get you an additional 100GB of storage whilst £9.90 and £19.90 a month will get you 250GB and 500GB respectively.
  • ### :::: keeping in mind that HiDrive reserve the right to terminate your free account if you have not logged in for over six months.

11) BT Cloud

  • Technically, BT Cloud is only free for BT customers but, seeing as the telecom giant has a share of around a third of the UK’s broadband market, it felt worthy of inclusion.
  • you can pay a £3 a month for an extra 50GB or £9 a month for an extra 500GB.

12) Degoo (Most Preferred by 

  • Free Storage 200Gb

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