Clotrimazole Cream & Pessary 100mg

   Clotrimazole Cream & Pessary 100mg

Clotrimazole  Cream & Pessary is used for vaginal  & Skin infection such as fungal & yeast Infections. 



Clotrimazole – 1% w/w,  Cream base qs


Clotrimazole – 100mg, 500mg

Class – Antifungal

Brand-  Canesten

Mechanism Of Action

Clotrimazole acts against fungi by inhibiting ergosterol synthesis. Inhibition of ergosterol synthesis leads to structural and functional impairment of the fungal cytoplasmic membrane. Clotrimazole has a broad antimycotic spectrum of action in vitro and in vivo, which includes dermatophytes, yeasts, moulds. 


Cream – 2 – 3 times L. A

Pessary – 1 Tab HS × 6 or 7 days

Mode –  SkinVagina

Used As – Antifungal, yeast Infections 

Contraindicated –  Safe in Pregnancy 

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