Lignocaine Gel 2% w/w

                         Lignocaine Gel 2% w/w

Lignocaine Gel is used in desensitisation of affected area in case of burns, piles, surgical treatment etc. 


Lignocaine HCL – 2% w/v

Methyl Paraben – 0.061% w/w

Propyl Paraben – 0.027% w/w

Purified Water – qs

Gel – Lignocaine 

Class – Local Anaesthetic 

Brand-  Xylocaine

Mechanism Of Action

Inhibit  Sodium ions channel and result in blockage of Na+ ion voltage gates lead to depolarisation of  Nerve impurities without any structural damage to Neurons. 

Dosage – Gel  – BD or OD L.A as required 

Used As – In UTI infections, preejaculation, Status epilepticus (I. V) , desensitisation of required area, piles, Surgical treatment, Catheterisation. 

Contraindicated – May be safe in pregnancy 

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