Framycetin Sulphate (Soframycin) Eye, Ear Drops & Ointment

Framycetin (Soframycin) Eye, Ear Drop & Ointment

Soframycin  Skin Cream is an antibiotic used to treat bacterial skin infections. It is effective in treating infected cuts, wounds, and minor burns.


Eye Drops –Framycetin Sulphate 5mg/ml

Gramicidin – 50mcg/ml

Dexamethasone – 500mcg/ml (As Sodium Metasulphobenzoate) 

Ear drops – Same as that of Eye Drop

Cream – Framycetin Sulphate 1%w/w 

Preservatives – Methyl & Propyl Paraben (0.08% & 0.04%), Excipients – qs

Class – Antibiotic (Broad Spectrum             Aminoglycosides) 

Brand– Soframycin, Sofradex

Mechanism Of Action

Framycetin appears to inhibit protein synthesis in susceptible bacteria by binding to ribosomal subunits.

Dosage – Cream – 2 – 3 Times L. A In a Day

Eye /Ear Drop – 2 – 3 Times a day As Prescribed 

Used As – treat bacterial infections, minor cut, wounds and burns. 

Contraindicated – Not recommended in Pregnancy 

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