Ferrous Sulphate 100mg

             Ferrous Sulphate 100mg

FeSo4 is used in formation of RBC And given after blood donation, accident or injury to fulfill demand of RBC & Hb Count in Blood. 


Syrup – 50mg/5ml

Drop – 25mg/1ml

Tab – 100mg

Class – Supplements 

Brand– Feosol

Mechanism Of Action

Iron combines with porphyrin and globin chains to form hemoglobin, which is critical for oxygen delivery from the lungs to other tissues. Iron deficiency causes a microcytic anemia due to the formation of small erythrocytes with insufficient hemoglobin.


Prophylaxis – 1-2mg/kg/day  Max 15mg/day

Moderate or Mild – 3mg /kg/day BD or OD 

Severe Deficiency – 4-6 mg Fe/kg/day QID

Pregnancy100mg BD

Neonates2-4 mg BD or OD Max 15mg/day

Children –  1 – 2 years – 2.5ml or 5ml BD as        Prescribed 

                   >2 Years – 5ml BD

Used As Source of Iron, prevent Hb Count & RBC, development of foetus

Contraindicated – Safe in Pregnancy 

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