Lansoprazole 15mg

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                   Lansoprazole 15mg

Lansoprazole is Antihistaminic and used as Antacid but not an Antacid. Generally used for kids. 

Composition – Disintegrating Tab – 15mg

nj- vial contains 40mg

Class – Antihistaminic (PPI) 

Brand- Lansocot

Mechanism Of Action

Lansoprazole is a proton pump inhibitor. It inhibits the parietal cell H+ / K+ ATP pump, the final step of acid production. In turn, omeprazole suppresses gastric basal and stimulated acid secretion.


1mg/kg/24 Hourly OD Or BD

Max – 15 – 30 mg BD

Used As – Used as Antacid in lowering level of gastric Acid

Contraindicated – Not Safe in Pregnancy 

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