Milk of Magnesium and Liquid Paraffin (Smuth)

Milk of Magnesium and Liquid Paraffin                                  (Smuth) 

Smuth is an antacid, prescribed for hyperacidity. It is also used as a laxative. It reduces stomach acid and increases water in the intestine. 

Composition – Tab and Syrup 200ml

Milk of Magnesium – 11.35ml

Liquid Paraffin – 3.75ml

Class –  Antacid and Laxative 

Brand– Smuth

Mechanism Of Action

Milk of Magnesium Neutralise Acid in Stomach but not stopped Acid formation in Stomach and liquid Paraffin used in lubrication and work as Laxative. 


2 – 5 years – 5ml Tid  

5 – 12 year – 5 – 10 ml TID Or QID

12 – 18 year – 5 – 10ml QID Or SOS

   *****  7.5ml HS Also referred 

Used As – Used as Antacid in lowering level of gastric Acid and as laxative 

Contraindicated – May be Cautious in Pregnancy and in kidney patients 

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