Ranitidine 150mg

                    Ranitidine 150mg

Ranitidine is Antihistaminic and used as Antacid but not an Antacid. 

Composition – Tab – 150mg

Syrup – 15mg/ml

Class – Antihistaminic

Brand– Rantac

Mechanism Of Action

Ranitidine is a competitive inhibitor of histamine H2-receptors. The reversible inhibition of H2-receptors in gastric parietal cells results in a reduction in both gastric acid volume and concentration.


In duodenal and gastric Ulcer

4 – 8 mg/kg/day BD  & Max 300mg/day

Maintenance Dose – 2 – 4 mg/kg/day OD 

Max – 150mg /day

Adult Dose – 150mg BD Or OD As Advised

Used As – Used as Antacid in lowering level of gastric Acid

Contraindicated – May be not safe in Pregnancy 

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