Covaxin COVID 19 Vaccine (BBV152)

Covaxin COVID 19 Vaccine (BBV152) post thumbnail image

         Covaxin COVID 19 Vaccine (BBV152) 

Composition – Whole Virion inactivated SARS COV – 2 Vaccine or Killed COVID 19 Virus Vaccine 

Class – Antiviral

Brand– Covaxin BBV152 (By Bharat Biotech) 

Mechanism Of Action 

Once BBV152 is administered, the body’s immune system recognizes the viral proteins in BBV 152 as foreign, and develops antibodies against them, thus providing immunity from COVID 19 and Strains of other SARS Virus. 

Dosage – 0.5ml IM


Adult – 18 or more than 18 years

Used As – Prevention from COVID 19 and Strains of other SARS Virus

Contraindicated – In Pregnancy, Alcohol

1) Couple should not try to concieve for 6 months atleast

 2) not to drink alcohol atleast 7 days.

3) not to taken any immunosuppressant or steroids eg Prednisolone

4) not to take any kind of immunisation or vaccination eg HBV, OPV etc

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